Can you tell our readers who Lil Leek is?

I’m Lil Leek from Washington DC, I’m an artist, the youngest sibling, a lover, carefree, I’m 25, 

What made you decide to tap into The music industry?

I just always loved music and always used it kinda for therapy, to help me vent and say things I don’t like to say out loud.

As a Washingtonian, what words do you give young people to encourage them to follow their dreams?

I would just say always be true to yourself when I’m in doubt, follow your emotions, and remain humble always.

Who are your biggest inspirations?

My Mom, my Dad, Lil Wayne, NWA and Tupac.

Who is your ideal entertainer to collaborate with and why?

I would have to say Billie Eilish, she is just dope all around I love her messages and sounds and stories.

What do you do for fun?

If I’m not making music or money, I’m playing call of duty, or in the gym w my nephew, or watching a movie relaxing.

If it wasn’t for music, where do you think you’d be right now?

I’d probably have or be working in a sneaker shop or real estate class or something along those lines, I’d still be moving.

What inspired wax on wax off?

Just the summer, every day you wake up to new stories and things going on when it gets hot and spring/summer break.

As you may know, DC homicide is on the rise and children are being killed. As a city influencer, how does that make you feel?

It hurts my heart to see the babies getting killed, those kids aren’t ever going to get old, I feel like it’s a lot of bad influence in the city and everyone’s following the wrong ones, I feel like we trap ourselves here, the city doesn’t have to be about love because we are human, but it has to at least be about sense and logic and morals, I feel we all need to do better as a whole, and we’re making it easier for the police to racially profile us and be scared of us.

What’s next for you?

I got an ep/album dropping with legendary zaytoven soon, some videos in the vault, but for right now, wax on wax off video premiering soon, the single is out now on all streaming platforms.

How can my readers connect with you?

You can get me on all social media @lilleek202

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