CAT: I receive a lot of great questions from my viewers and this week I answered one of the most frequently asked questions; What is the difference between concealing and highlighting?

This is a great question and very timely as well because so many of us are compelled to get in front of the camera whether working from home, job interviews or just catching up with family and friends and we want to look our best, no matter the occasion.

Using makeup correctly can make a tremendous positive impact. It’s the way of the future….So you don’t want Zoom meetings and online webinars to catch you off-guard, exposing little areas that you may not want to reveal. You can take control of the situation!

Enter the wonderful effects of concealers and highlighting!  Every woman’s skin is unique and requires a personal approach to meet your skin goals and fortunately, there’s a solution that most women can rely on to achieve the look of flawless, clean , fresh skin.

When you watch the broadcast, you’ll see some of the techniques I recommend, and I have many more to share with you and your unique skin in a one-2-one makeup advice session!

Yes, you can have a virtual session with me …in the privacy of your home and It’s as easy as clicking this link to set an appointment. Why not get prepared for your next online meeting starting right now?

Here’s the link to book your virtual appointment. See how quickly CHC can get you started on your exclusive path to flawless skin on and off camera!

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