Usually by the time you have a first date you have either already met someplace, or have at least talked on the telephone or over the internet. There should at least be some amount of interest in each other or why would you have agreed to the date in the first place.

Try to think back to the things you talked about when the both of you spoke on the phone and see if you learned anything that may help you decide where to go for your date, but if you do not have enough information about them to know what they may like you sometimes have to gamble and throw the dice, and hope you don’t crap out.

The most important thing to do on a first date is to have a good time, the bigger a deal you make of it the harder it is going to be and the higher the chances of you making a fool of yourself.

Take her/ him to a nice place, quite but not too quiet, you should be able to hear each other but other distractions are also good for those uncomfortable moments.

Do not take her/ him to a place where your friends hang out, this will make her/ him feel as if they are being ganged up on or they may feel out of place and resent you for making them feel that way.

It is very important to have the whole night planned out already before the date and have a backup idea just incase. The tricky part is making it look like it was not all planned.

Top 4 Online Dating Sites For Serious Relationships (According To Research)

You get what you pay for with online dating.

Okcupid: Best Overall. Best for long-term relationships.

Facebook Dating: Very Overwhelming

Plenty of Fish: Most Overwhelming.

Some years ago, I met a very nice young man via a dating site. (I won’t say which) My initial thought was, he’s just saying all the right things to get what he wants. We would talk on the phone for what seemed like hours on end. He asked me out and stood him up not once but twice yet he remained persistent in that first date.

He asked me out a third time and obliged. To my surprise, the date was great! He was an absolute gentleman the entire evening. We went on a couple more dates after that but I wasn’t connecting so I had to move on.

Just remember that dating is a gamble sometimes you are going to get a bad hand and eventually if you play your cards right you will find the right person and win the jackpot.

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