Nickie Robinson 

Haitian-American author Dr. Eli Joseph is excited to announce the release of his new book The Perfect Rejection Resume. During his career, he has been a researcher; an academic; he has worked in behavioral finance, data analytics, statistics, and quantitive finance. Now is a partner and medical examiner at Quest Diagnostics and serves as a faculty member at the Columbia University of Professional Studies and Queens College, City University of New York. Dr. Eli Joseph is also a contributor to Entrepreneur and Inc. Magazine, to name a few.

But the road to get to where he is has been anything but straight and smooth. Dr. Eli Joseph has many accomplishments over the years, such as earning his bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Queens College, City University of New York, at 20. At 21, he completed his master’s degree in business administration from Felician University, which he followed by being the first-ever to graduate to complete his doctorate at the age of 24. While he was achieving these firsts, it was still the sting of the rejections which Eli held onto after being rejected from 10 other schools and courses during this time.

From 2014 to 2019, Dr. Eli Joseph submitted 853 applications to various schools, courses, colleges, and jobs. He credits these rejections as the driving force to where he is today. Dr. Eli Joseph talks about celebrating successes, but rejections guide us to the next level of success.

Dr. Janice Gassam Asare writes the foreword for his new book, and she starts by sharing that ‘There is no “successful career” that is not marred by inevitable setbacks.’ Janice discusses her setbacks and career and how this book will help those with generational trauma, which they feel is holding them back.

Also included in the book with their own stories and rejection resumes are Rashaad Lambert, award-winning marketing architect, philanthropist, and community builder. For more than 15 years, Lambert has aimed to level the playing field for Black professionals and create more equitable pathways via his expertise in marketing, diversity and inclusion, and corporate consulting.

Based in New York City, Jarry Lee is an agency-signed model, actor, musician, social media entrepreneur, and former journalist originally from England, Wales, and Connecticut also has an interesting rejection resume. Yet, Jarry has a solid social media presence, with over 1.1 million supporters across all her verified social media channels and over 3 million streams on Spotify and appeared as herself on the Netflix show Dating Around (season 1), and in commercials for AT&T, Audible, Dr. Brandt Skincare, and various L’Oréal brands.

Daron K. Roberts, who Dr. Eli Joseph credits for creating the term ‘Rejection Resume.’ Daron K. Roberts is a renowned orator, university lecturer, former NFL coach, and author of Call an Audible (Greenleaf 2017). Call an Audible, which was named a #1 New Release and Best Seller by Amazon, and Sports Illustrated selected the book as one of its “Best Sports Business Books of 2017.” In 2020, Roberts authored A Kids Book About Empathy. Every year, Coach Roberts delivers over 100 speeches worldwide to Fortune 500 companies, school districts, and professional sports teams – featured in the book is his rejection resume.

Many more successful people are included in The Perfection Rejection Resume, and each looks at their rejections and how they have helped shape who they are today and what rejection means to them.

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