Tom Hanks’ son Chet is demanding his ex-girlfriend Kiana Parker be ordered to sit for a deposition as part of his lawsuit against her. 

According to court documents obtained by Radar, Chet is not only asking for Kiana to be forced to answer questions under oath but wants his ex-sanctioned to the tune of $4,5600.

As we previously reported, last year, Chet sued his ex-girlfriend for theft, assault, and battery. 

In his recent motion, Chet claims Kiana has played “one game after another” in the case. He claims she lied when a process server tried to hand her papers — claiming she wasn’t Kiana.

Chet accuses Kiana of attempting to delay the case. He claims Kiana has refused to provide dates for a depo for months. 

In his lawsuit, the legendary actor’s son accuses Kiana of using his credit cards to pay her rent without his consent. 

Chet is also demanding she pays back $13,700 she took from a home they shared in Texas. 

The lawsuit came after a video leaked showing Chet and Kiana in a verbal altercation at their home. Tom’s son claims his ex “smashed” him in the fact with a pot and cut him with a knife.

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In his suit, Chet claimed Kiana brought “three menacing large men” with her on the day in question. She had shown up to retrieve her property when the fight broke out.

Kiana denies the allegations and claims her actions were done in “self-defense.” She also scoffed at the claim she stole money. Recently, she moved to have the suit dismissed

Weeks after Chet filed his lawsuit, Kiana obtained a restraining order against Chet and also filed her own $1 million lawsuit accusing him of assault.

In her suit, Kiana described alleged incidents of horrific abuse where Chet got rough with her in a New Orleans hotel room. She accused him of refusing to let her leave and being an emotional wreck. 

Following the suit, Kiana spoke to Radar and provided alleged text messages Chet sent her during their relationship. One had Chet alleging that he “watched my mom domineer and control my dad for my entire life and he just sat there and took it. When I feel like I’m not being respected as a man it strikes a nerve with me because it makes me feel like I’m allowing the same thing to happen to me and I’m becoming what I hated most in my father.”

Earlier this week, Chet released a YouTube video talking about his struggles growing up with famous parents

Both suits are still pending.