Accept Reality

The first step to ending an unhealthy friendship is to acknowledge the truth about your toxic friend and stop justifying and rationalizing their behaviors.

Be Clear With Your Intentions

The ways that you react and respond to your friend’s behavior is very important. If you’ve made excuses for their ill-treatment in the past, it’s time to stop. Friendship is a choice, and you do not have to continue a one-sided friendship or relationship with someone who isn’t good for you.

Tell them straight out that you intend to end your friendship, no matter how hard it may seem. Whether or not they believe you is irrelevant.

What’s Your Role In The Relationship?

Your friend may be talking but it does take two in any relationship or friendship.

Choose A Away To End It

Sometimes it’s difficult to see our own faults because we can’t get past the hurt, pain, or anger we may be feeling. Acknowledging your role in the negative aspects of the relationship will make it easier to identify the baggage and correct these patterns in future relationships.


However you mentally decide to do it, do what’s best for you. Stop communication altogether, wean them off or just let it fade.

Give Yourself Time To Grieve

Forgive your toxic friend, either to their face or in your heart. Forgiving them is the key to your healing. Forgiving them doesn’t mean forgetting what happened, but it will keep you from dwelling on your hurt and the drama longer than you desire to.

Allow yourself time to grieve after the loss of a friendship. Feeling sad or upset is completely natural. Give it a week or so, shake it off, and get back on your hustle. I like to pour myself into my craft. I’m a half sight out of mine type of girl 🤪

In order to lead a healthy, full life, you need to remove toxic people from it. Be aware of red flags in your friendships.

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