Tell our readers a little about yourself and your background?

A mover and shaker, a native New Yorker, with Caribbean roots at heart, a mother of two, a warrior spirit, an educator with an entrepreneurial mindset sum up the woman behind the brand.

How did “Natural Bunch Kids Hair Care” become a brand?

As I struggled with my own daughter’s hair care options, I also noticed many parents struggling to manage their children’s hair in my preschool centers. My love for children and my experience with seeing their faces light up when their hair is neatly groomed led me to launch my children’s hair care line. Natural Bunch Kids, a holistic children’s beauty brand which believes in the mind, body & spirit connection for optimal wellness. We are helping children to have a deeper understanding of themselves and their hair through learning how to properly care for and accept their natural hair. By helping children grow healthier, stronger natural hair, we aim to build their confidence in the process. We want to make an impact on children, an all inclusive line empowering the Kinky, Coily, Curly, Loc’d hair child to love themselves and to celebrate their textured hair unapologetically so that they can love themselves unconditionally. That self love and acceptance translates outwardly in treating others with respect, love, and acceptance, which will, ultimately, impact our future in a positive way.

So you’ve been certified by Master P and other celebrity children, how does that feel?

Master P is a successful businessman who understands the power of marketing and coming together to build something from nothing. I have always admired his message of collaboration over competition and so to have Natural Bunch Kids be selected and receive the opportunity to be reviewed on his channel, was exciting. As a current small business, the value in providing brand awareness on his platforms is significant. A lot of hard work and dedication has gone into the Natural Bunch Kids brand, as more and more children, whether a celebrity, supports, and believes in our mission, is confirmation the Natural Bunch Kids brand is heading in the right direction. We are excited for what’s to come, as he says “I can’t wait to see this product everywhere” and so it shall be we are grateful.

What does it mean to you to be a female entrepreneur in this generation?

Being a female entrepreneur in this generation is empowering and what a time to do it. Entrepreneurship requires several hats alone with many sacrifices. An entrepreneur must have the ability to prioritize a laundry list of tasks, set boundaries, find balance with home life and the 24hr entrepreneur lifestyle which is the ultimate challenge, this is one of many recipes for success. An entrepreneur must remain a student, ask many questions, know it’s ok to fail forward but continue pushing forward and not allow fear to control you. To witness so many women become fearless and step into an unfamiliar arena is truly inspiring. It simply means a shift has come and I am here for it.

What are the top products you offer? What products do you use from the line?

They are all my favorites, but most recently I fell in love with our new Locs Of Love Pomade. This unique product was created to celebrate children with Locs who may have felt left out from the natural hair movement. I want NBK to be an all-inclusive brand, and so we wanted to celebrate our Loc Naturals just as much. I am also proud to have incorporated my native country’s well-known hair oil from Haiti, Castor Oil as the main ingredient in the Locs Of Love product so this one is special to me.

Do you have products to help young girls/boys who may experience alopecia or eczema?

Our Products are carefully formulated for hair growth and scalp issues such as Alopecia and Eczema. Ingredients such as Argan oil, Peppermint oil, Almond oil, Soybean Oil, Safflower Lemongrass oil, and many more are amongst our main ingredients included in the NBK line, are all Anti-inflammatory oils that aid nonmedical alopecia and aid with eczema-like appearances.

What sets your hair products apart from others in the natural hair care industry?

What sets us apart is our focus on their overall well-being; we are more than just bottles. Providing education is our priority for long-term success, we believe in inclusion. We speak to not only the parents but also invite the children into conversations before, during, and after the buying process. We bring both child and parent into our “Curls In Session” fun preschool classroom to educate them and empower them for long-term self-care and self-love.

Are your products children specific or can adults use the products as well?

Yes, our products are children specific. As an experienced educator to preschool children for over 18yrs, it was no question whom NBK would focus on, with that being said, if it’s great for them, it sure is great for you.

Who inspired you to go for your dreams and create your own lane?

Undoubtedly my mother inspired me to dream big and to think outside the box. Growing up and seeing her edgy sense of style, combined with her fearlessness to explore entrepreneurship at a time when it was not understood that a woman could also be an equal financial contributor allowed me to place myself in a lane that I too could create and excel for myself.

What advice would you give to up and coming entrepreneurs creating their own niche in this world?

Don’t give up, believe in your niche which sets you apart, trust the process, this will be the test to reaching the desired goals. What’s burning inside of you, you owe it to yourself to get it out. Success lies in the process, trust it, stand in your power, and be patient, what’s meant for you, no man can take. Nothing comes easy, everything is a lesson learned. It’s ok to fail forward, but remain a student always and don’t allow fear to control you. Hard work, perseverance, and not giving up on your dreams will lead you to your success.

How can our readers connect you?

Readers can follow us on Instagram @naturalbunchkidshaircare