On September 7, 2021, at 7pm est we attended “THE PERFECT DAY TO BOSS UP” virtual event with Barnes & Nobles, Rick Ross and Carl Lamarre.

Rick Ross and Carl Lamarre also discussed his longevity in the industry and how far he has come.

Rick Ross gave kudos to Kanye however he made it known that his blueprint isn’t always the same as another’s blueprint.

He spoke about being a ghost rider for a lot of talent receiving minimal compensation and still constantly hustling and never giving up.

The last question of the night was, what were your long term and short term goals initially?

Ross stated that his short-term goal was just making it through the first year after “Hustlin” was released.

His long-term goal was completing another classic album that the streets would appreciate.



A captivating and inspiring guide to building an untouchable empire from mud to marble, no matter what obstacles stand in the way

Rick Ross is a hip-hop icon and a towering figure in the business world, but his path to success was not always easy. Despite adversity and setbacks, Ross held tight to his vision and never settled for anything less than greatness. Now, for the first time, he shares his secrets to success, offering his own life as a road map to readers looking to build their own empire. Along the way he reveals: 

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As Ross explains, “It doesn’t matter what’s going on. Even the most dire situation is just another opportunity to boss up.”Intimate, insightful and brimming with no-nonsense advice, The Perfect Time to Boss Up is the ideal book for hustlers everywhere.