Chet Hanks was finally served with a civil suit while attending his birthday party in Houston. The son of Tom and Rita Hanks was living his self-proclaimed “white boy summer” at a local nightclub called Bottled Blonde. This comes to you after months of Hanks avoiding service, as these charges have been pending since January. Kiana’s legal team was able to pinpoint his location due to his frequent IG post stories..

A lawsuit and a restraining order were filed against him for physical and emotional damage sustained throughout their relationship. Allegedly Chet threatened to kill her and himself.

On August 25, 2021 at 8pm EST Kiana Parker sat down for an exclusive with Mario Bonds of Jenleeion.

Kiana explains what allegedly really happened in the viral video obtained by TMZ.

Chet’s team has not issued a statement as of now regarding the interview with Jenleeion Magazine.