On Saturday August 7, 2021 at 12:16 a.m. Chet Hanks was finally served with a civil suit while attending his birthday party in Houston. The son of Tom and Rita Hanks was living his self-proclaimed “white boy summer” at a local nightclub called Bottled Blonde. This comes after months of Hanks avoiding service, as these charges have been pending since January. Kiana’s legal team were able to pinpoint his location due to his frequent IG posts.

Chet Hanks and Kiana Parker’s relationship made headlines as a lawsuit  and a restraining order was filed against him for physical and emotional damage sustained throughout the course of their relationship. In a statement, Ms. Parker stated, “I am glad that he must finally answer for his charges, this has been lingering for too long and I will continue to seek closure, healing and justice.” “My life matters so I spoke up.”

Ms. Parker has limited availability for interviews. Please send media requests via email attention Yvonne Forbes info@labelleladiva.com or visit press room at www.labelleladiva.com