Being a millennial Renaissance woman at 20, you act, sing, model, and you have your clothing line. Out of them all which you feel is your true passion?

Yes, Thank you! I feel as though my true passion would be just to create. I love to create my artistry. Being in the studio and making music brings me joy as well as designing ideas for shows and photo/video shoots. I love to design clothes and bake as well. My passion is to just create. I am my own muse.

Your background is quite impressive, please share a little about yourself and your background.

Since I was 9 years old I’ve been singing in the studio and doing minor shows. My Mother and Father put me and my little sister in acting classes with J Pervis Talent Agency. They put me in singing lessons with one of Alicia Keys’ former vocal coaches as well. The first time I have ever stepped into a recording studio was at L.A. Reid’s studio when I was 10 years old. I took a break from the entertainment scene during middle and high school and joined the All-Star Cheerleading Gym Maryland Twisters. I cheered at Twisters for 7 years in a row; the last two years of my cheer career I cheered on the World Champion team F5. Years 2018 and 2019 were the best years of my life (so far). After graduating high school and aging out of cheer I started to get serious about my music career. When COVID-19 happened everything changed and while I was bored in the house all day I came up with my clothing line Gem Mafia. COVID-19 is clearing up now in July of 2021 and my music career is now starting to take off!

What inspired you to create Gem Mafia? As well as the name.

Gem Mafia came about while I was bored in the house and wanted to make use of my time. I have plenty of fashion styles I don’t stick to one, I could be a tomboy one day and very girly the next. The name ‘Gem Mafia’ stemmed from my name being an actual gemstone. It’s mostly known for its green varieties and is popular in the Asian community. It also can sometimes be worth more than gold, and has musical qualities! With that being said I love seeing people create clothing lines and them getting big, and I just love the idea of someone wearing and repping a name brand that I own. It was getting towards the end of the summer of 2020 and I wanted to launch velvet cropped zip-up sweat suits for women with the rhinestone logo. I started with three colors, and I am still building the brand today! 

What style category do you feel your line falls under?

It is supposed to branch out into a unisex line but I started with the woman, cute, comfy, and stylish fall and winter wear.

Describe the type of music our viewers can anticipate from you.

Viewers and fans can expect all types of music from me. I started out singing with R&B vibes and branched over into a little rapping and now I do both. I want to be very versatile. I also have a little bit of an older soul, especially from the 1990s and 2000s. So they should expect some fire samples as well that will blow their minds!

When you auditioned for The Voice tv show, how was your overall experience?

The experience was very fun, also slightly nerve-racking. You have to go through several long periods of waiting before you get to audition because there are so many people auditioning at one time. Other than that it was so fun I loved the experience and meeting other lovely singers.

Would you consider auditioning again?

As of right now no because I have too much on my plate to prepare. Don’t get me wrong, I am up for ANY challenge but auditioning again isn’t the focus as of right now. Soon I would be totally up for it. 

If you could work with any celebrity in the industry who would it be?

This is a very hard question, ideally, it would be Beyonce hands down. But I also would love to work with artists like SZA, Queen Naija, Doja Cat, City Girls, ETC…

What’s next for Jade Alexis?

My first song will be released on July 30th! The song is called My Bitch, featuring CharleeLynai and TZ. (Along with the music video) So be on the lookout for that! Next, you guys can look out for some more fire singles on the R&B and rap side, following up with my first EP! Magazine features, photoshoots, and amazing music concepts from me! Lastly, hopefully, some new clothing looks from Gem Mafia!

Ultimately, what would you like for “Jade Alexis” to be known for?

Ultimately, I want Jade Alexis to be known for just being creative and making amazing things when it comes to everything I lay my hands on. Musically, visually, and mentally. Everything will be better than the next.


Photographer @roycoxstudio

Hair @nyyaandco

Makeup @amorr.facess

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