Still dubbed the “hardest working woman in gospel,” and Mario Bonds, gospel music idol, Vickie Winans joins us to talk her career, motherhood, share laughs and do some singing with Mario. Join us for this high-energy, fun discussion with the unparalleled icon, Vickie Winans.

The name “Winans” and gospel music are synonymous and Vickie Winans, who’s been dubbed, “The hardest working woman in gospel music,” definitely lives up to her name after 30 years of continuously singing the good news of Jesus Christ along with sharing her overwhelming personality and her hilarious comedy. The captivating vocals of this multitalented artist are like a soulful, fine tuned instrument that piques the emotions, and uplifts the spirit. Vickie lends a high-powered, energetic, yet smooth and inspirational style as showcased in all her Grammy-nominated, Stellar Award and NAACP Award Winning albums. (See Discography for album listings and accomplishments).

Vickie was just 8 years old when she sang her first solo in church. “You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t ready for Carnegie Hall,” she laughs (not knowing she would actually sing there one day). From then on, the biggest challenge for Aaron and Mattie Bowman was keeping a tight rein on their 7th child.

In addition to being one of the industry’s most beloved and respected artists, Winans is also in firm control of her career. She manages herself and is the President of Viviane, Inc., her Detroit-based management company where she books and performs approximately 200 shows a year. However, Vickie says her favorite “job” is being the proud mother of her 2 talented sons, who are both hit producers, singers, and film producers, Mario Winans and Marvin Winans, Jr., and “Nannie” to all of her beautiful grandchildren!

Reaching the impressive internationally renowned plateau took Winans an enormous amount of hard work, determination, sacrifice, and faith. Realizing this, she insists she’s quite grateful, and takes nothing for granted. “Although I’ve had my share of heartaches, pain, and sickness over the years, I know that God has truly blessed me. It is because of Him that I have a fantastic family, great friends, and a rewarding career!”

Vickie always seemed destined not only to succeed, but to excel in her successes. Her vocal ministry, which has thrilled and inspired millions over the years, also paved the way for her in Broadway musicals, a host of other theatrical shows, and has made hundreds of television appearances.

Anyone who knows her or simply comes in close contact with her, experiences Vickie’s wonderful sense of humor, charming personality and vivacious, down-to-earth manner. In fact, a key to her success is that her warm spirit immediately disarms the coldest stranger. We find those elements of delight in her energy and excitement to spread His message to people of all ages. “The Bible says that a merry heart doeth good like medicine,” she quoted. In essence Winans makes it safe to laugh and worship in the same setting. However, her constant prayer is for the anointing of God to rest on her ministry so that burdens would be lifted, and yokes destroyed.

Vickie Winans’ love for God, life, children, her many friends and fans, her incredible music, and her enormous giving spirit continue to make her one of the best and brightest stars lighting gospel today. On radio, TV, albums, videos, in concerts, plays and yes, even in future films, her extraordinary, multidimensional talents and unwavering faith in God keeps her on the positive path. “Wherever the Lord leads, I will follow and I’m having a ball on the trip,” she concludes.

While celebrating 30+ years in the industry, on March 28, 2015, “The Stellar Awards,” chose Vickie Winans as one of the first 10 people to be inducted into the brand new “Stellar’s Honor of Distinction Club!” She was awarded a Gold Medal along with President Barack Obama, who received “The Stellar Chairman’s Award!” WHAT AN HONOR!!