Rapper Cam Coldheart passed away on April 24. His death was confirmed by his aunt on social media. Cam had gone viral following his altercation with DaBaby. At the moment, fans have been mourning his death on Twitter. 

Cam had gained a lot of attention in 2019, after a video of him fighting with DaBaby at the Louis Vuitton store went viral. The two had been at odds with each other for few months before this incident took place. However, in 2020, Cam claimed that the entire incident was fake and scripted.

Cam Coldheart was a rapper who was focused on making sure there was a “Rise Of The Carolinas” in the music industry. He had over 102k followers on Instagram and over 3k subscribers on YouTube. 

The rapper mainly used his platform to draw attention to his career. Before the news of his death was confirmed, Cam had been talking about his mixtape. Apart from music, Cam also had an OnlyFans account and a clothing business which he called “Coldheart Clothing.” 

As of now, the catalog only has hats. The rapper had instantly gained a lot of attention for his fight with DaBaby. In 2020, he alleged that the altercation with DaBaby was fake. 

He said: “It’s time to tell y’all what really happened. What’s really going on in the Charlotte music scene? It was fake. It was a hoax, n***a. Some parts was real, but it was definitely heavily fabricated after the fact.”

Cam’s cause of death has not been revealed by his family. His aunt confirmed the news of his death in an Instagram post. Sharing a series of picture she wrote: “DAMNIT MAN!!! @bigcoldheart We supposed to make it to the top together!!! I’m going to miss us encouraging each other and giving each other our props!!! You was doing the damn thing!!! You were a Master 11 and very successful but you didn’t even fully tap into what the Universe had for you.”

She continued: “Nevertheless I’m still proud of all your accomplishments Cam Henegan and having a front row seat to your growth was an honor and a privilege… I love you NEPHEW!!! Thank you for all the laughs and smiles and for keeping me on my A game and always challenging me… I’m truly going to miss you… TEARSSSSSSSSSSS.”

Twitter reacts to Cam Coldheart’s death

Several users on Twitter were quick to react to Cam’s death. One user wrote: “We lost a real one.. #RIP to my brother, friend, teammate, and EastSide Charlotte legend @CamOLDHEART This one is gonna hurt for a while man.. life is short, Rest Well, King! All Prayers and Love sent to your sons and family!”

Another wrote, “Damn. Rest In Peace Cam Coldheart! This Sh*t F**ked Me Up! Condolences To Your Family And Loved One!” “rip bro you know we gone hold it down Carolina sh*t,” read another comment.