Can you tell our readers who is Yolanda Brathwaite?

Yolanda Brathwaite is a dedicated wife, fabulous mother, loving daughter and supportive sister. I am also an Award Winning Author and founder of the non profit organization Grown Girls NYC & ATL – a women empowerment organization that provides resources and workshops to uplift the women community. I founded this organization so that women like me can have a respectful safe space to be themselves and encourage one another without judgement.

We also have Young Grown Girls – The Brand for the young ladies among us. YGG was born out of encouraging young women to recognize all facets that make them unique and motivate others to do the same. Our brand inspires and empowers young women to embrace their inner beauty.

What do you like most about being an Author?

What I like the most about being an author is the power of the written words. I can impart and share my thoughts, feelings and experiences with others all over the world. My writing have the ability to reach places that I never could in person, I get to touch people with uplifting words in their most private places both physically and within their minds and hearts.

How would you explain the difference between living your best life vs just living in fulfillment of life?

Living your best life is when you are going for what you want in life.You have to let go of limited beliefs. And come to the realization that you only get one life.

All of us who desire to live a fulfilling life need to have a curious and hungry mind. By being a lifelong learner you realize that there’s a vast world out there that is waiting for exploration and adventures. By constantly learning, you’re increasing your knowledge and perspective of the world.

Why is African-American womanhood’s beauty so important to you?

Because we are BEAUTIFUL and we need to own it! From our various shades of melanin, to our 3C to 4C hair types and body sizes. I’m not just talking about the external beauty either. That inner beauty is even more beautiful – because trust me when you are beautiful on the inside that beauty just exudes and pours all of over the outside. INTELLIGENCE is beauty and we rock it in that department too! Everyday we are influenced with inundated datathat we have to change our hair, our facial features and bodies to be beautiful. NO WE DON’T! Sis, we are beautiful and WE are the trendsetters when it comes to real beauty.

What type of effect do you think social media has on the mental health in the African American community and more so for Women of color?

Although positive things are happening on social media I do think that it is having a negative effect on the mental health in the African American community and even more so for Women of Color. So many unrealistic expectations are placed on us as women. Forcing us to compare ourselves with each other. There is a constant barrage of direct and subliminal messages to us that says “You’re Not Good Enough!” It has become the arena where women tear each other down. That’s why my book is so important to our community. It’s helps us all to change the narrative because it provides uplifting positive messages that we can say to ourselves and each other. The gems in this book challenges us to compete and be better – not against others – but against the versions of who we were yesterday.

How does your book stand out from any other book about women today?

My book stand out because the majority of books today are about women healing and overcoming, But not every woman is damaged, hurt or need to be healed.. It’s a large percentage of women who just need to be encouraged, motivated stimulated and/ or simply just need a Girls Pep Talk

What creative abilities and strengths are most admirable to you?

The confidence and the strength of women. Having the ability to endure whatever comes their way. Creating different streams of income for their families from the board room, to home based businesses African American women are breaking glass ceilings and that I do admire!

How can our readers connect with you?
Instagram: @growngirlsnyc_inc FB: Yolanda Brathwaite Linkedin: Yolanda Brathwaite