What was a pivotal moment in your life?

Coming home at the age 28, after being incarcerated at 22, from serving a 80 month sentence. Having to fit back into society and try to find my way.

What made you start music?

I used to always write music since the age of 9. Putting words together over old school beats lol. But It really became a passion in 2011, when I turned myself into FCI Hazleton. Releasing pain from my past, and present.

Do you have a testimony? Who helped you through?

Yes I do. My mother, my grandmothers, and Aunt.

Why is it important that we, as a culture, acknowledge those who have lifted us up along the way?

You know how people say, “ I give good advice, but never take that advice for myself”. Acknowledging, showing appreciation and gratitude to those who lifted us along the way, gives those individuals a lift back. It’s shows that we can come together, as a culture, and be of positive structure to one another.

Do you have any advice for Black culture, in particular?

My advice would be to stick together, don’t hurt each other. Continues to show that we are here. We are all brothers and sister, and with one sound one heart, we can make a difference. We all just have to be on the same page.
“ Why hate to waste energy , when to Love feels good to the soul….and it’s so much easier “

What’s coming up for you?

I have a EP dropping “ Only Up” on all platforms this summer. I been just writing and doing songs, but haven’t found that one “it” song. But if you would like to hear a few bangers, you can at SoundCloud/limetheartist

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