“When I learned that my voice had power, I became unstoppable. I began to use my voice to speak life into myself. I told myself that there is nothing that I cannot do. I’ve seen women break glass ceilings before. I’ve seen women build tables and provide seats for other women to sit with them and thrive. I learned quickly, that my thoughts become words out loud; and those words I’d hear myself say, became my reality. I hope to inspire other women and girls to not be afraid to be powerful. Use your voice to speak life into yourself. Design your reality, you truly can do anything you tell yourself that you can do. Sure, be a teacher, a model, a doctor, a politician, a businesswoman. You have that power, you have the keys, now, unlock the doors to your destiny.” – Arabia Iman

Photographer: @twenty8photography
Wardrobe Stylist: @carpe_luxevintage
Makeup: @angiegirl79_mua
Hair: @msmegane_
Videographer: @mossbossco_llc
Location: @staysocialusa
PR @montagepr
CD: @onlymissno