If you’re anything like us, you are a super nail art fanatic and proud of it!

My manicure literally is a part of my daily ensemble, monthly budget and mood boards because let’s face it, what’s a girl without her mani? It’s nothing like being able to look at your hands and immediately get a burst of happiness or getting a random compliment because your nails are giving everything they need to! Regardless of if you are a plain jane and prefer a simple gel manicure or indulge in spicy full sets with all the fiery shapes like coffin or stiletto, these go to styles will tickle your fancy regardless of where you fall on the spectrum! 

As we begin to march out of Winter and enter Spring (I know, we can’t believe it either) , here are five nail trends we plan to take with us!

1.)    The return of the French manicure! Merci Beacoup! *in my best French accent*

But on a serious note, something I absolutely adore about trends and their lifespan is it’s guaranteed return. 

This is personally one of my favorite trends and due to it being a staple classic, it will never go out of style

The influence of the 90’s is resurfacing in fashion trends all over mainstream media and nail trends are no exception!

My favorite thing about the latest resurgence of the French manicure, is all the new spins nail artists are implementing. 

Far gone are the days where white Is the only color applied to a French manicure, nail techs are adding colors, playing with how they apply the French design itself which is super innovative and a fresh take on the classic nail design!

2.)    Textures, Prints and Prints – Oh My!

Who knew texture was what we needed to add a little extra UMPH to our nail set?

Textured nails and their mass popularity has been sweeping social media deeming them an undeniable trend we don’t plan on seeing go any time soon! 

Matte nails provide a cute alternative twist on the typical glossy manicure.

The Snakeskin and crocodile pattern is amongst the most popular nail crazes! Nail techs are not here to play, but to slay! There is no such thing as sticking to the standard brown and beiges of these snakeskin patterns either, nail artists are going outside of the box and adding colors of all sorts! We love to see it. 

Lastly, it’s no way you’ve not seen the presence of cow print on nails!  I love seeing this brought to life with the classic white and black polish, in addition to adding colors and actual textures to the pattern. This is literally the most adorable trend!

3.)    Owwww, Ombre’ 

Ombre nails are all the rave and perfect for those of us that struggle with commitment! 

I can’t be the only one who takes forever to pick a nail color, I mean for what it’s worth this is the color I’m stuck with for at least the next two weeks. My mood and livelihood is dependent on this! I love Ombre’ nails because you can literally take the prettiest of two colors and apply them to the same nail or pick a family of the same hue and apply each shade to each nail. Either way is a guaranteed


4.)    Picasso, Baby!

These are a minimalist’s dream! Who said Picasso can only paint on canvas, this intricate style of nail art has taken over immensely! Nail Artists are literally shape shifting with this new wave of nail design. I love seeing abstract lines, and shapes applied to nails. I’ve seen actual paintings and abstract art inspired . This design really separates the nail techs to the ARTISTS!

5.)    Pressed for Press ons!

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve never been subscribed to press ons pre – covid.

 I never thought they were realistic in regards to my lifestyle ( the way I’m clacking it up on laptops, phones and every other device under the sun), would properly fit my nail beds properly or did I think the designs were up to par.

But I can happily say I was entirely WRONG. With the new reality that Covid presented, nail shops were closed for MONTHS – and as my mother says “Where there is a will, there is a way” and I refused to look how I felt at the start of the pandemic. My nails are an absolute MUST! I began purchasing press on nails and they changed the game for me. The easy application, me not having to commit to a style of length for weeks on in nor having to book an appointment ALL appealed to me. I indeed am pressed for PRESS ONS!

Head over to our social media page for some of our favorite DC based nail artists as well as some of our fave press on nail owners!