Talking Style with Brian Lamont

As a DMV native, style is such a focal piece of our daily routine and is truly woven into who we are as individuals. What was your first recollection of falling in love with fashion?

I’m actually a DC implant. I have been here for six years. I felt immersed in the culture at Howard University and remained here after graduation. It’s imperative to always be your authentic self because people can see right through you. Style is and has always been here.

I remember falling in love with fashion at an early age while shopping on Saturdays with my mom at malls and flea markets. I learned at an early age the value of money and how to look good for less. Luxury isn’t just about your clothing. It’s your lifestyle. 

When did you begin to realize you could monetize your gift as a wardrobe stylist and how did you begin making a name for yourself?

Right after I left Nordstrom. I noticed how many people asked for my outfits and how often I dressed my friends in school. After researching the industry, I started my website. It’s still a learning process, but I’m loving every minute of it all.

The name Brian Lamont stuck. My middle name is Lamont, but Mr. Brian Lamont sounds more authoritative and brand-worthy. So I kept up with it and registered it. But overall, I remain myself and people stick with me.

What aspects do you look for when tailoring a custom look for your clients to appeal to them?

Communication is key. Without that initial consultation or knowing the concepts and reference points a client wants—there’s no look. I look at a client’s body shape and determine what stands out the most. I look at how different materials fit on their frame and listen to how they feel.

With COVID and quarantine hitting us with such an unexpected curve and the popularity of online shopping, how does a stylist adjust?

Online shopping has been inevitable for some time. The pandemic escalated it and unfortunately caused many brands and businesses to close. To maintain, I’m always in communication with my clients. I have to be aware of their shopping needs and any changes to sizes and seasonal wants.

The pandemic made clients revamp their wardrobe. Many people leaned toward online shopping but they also leaned to independent designers. Designers did have more time to work on projects due to decreased demand. I’ve gotten into bridal styling and more editorial-type test photoshoots. That has helped build my portfolio, and, in return, I’ve gained more clients and credibility.

Who was the first celebrity client you styled? Is there a background story? Was this your “Ah- ha, I’ve arrived!” Moment?

My first celebrity client was Chinese Kitty. This was when I worked for Hot 97s The New MVMT. She was super sweet, but I really knew nothing. I didn’t know what I was doing and had no knowledge of pulls. I felt so ill-prepared, but it didn’t show. She put on the clothing. Looking back, I could have done so much more. I also say, “I DID THAT!” It motivated me to keep going and not to take no for an answer.

Is there anything you wish someone would have shared with you upon entering the industry?

To not take things personal, unless it’s self-talk. 

Do you recommend mentorship or find value in it?

I learned that mentorship doesn’t have to be face-to-face. It doesn’t have to be a person who knows. It doesn’t have to be a celebrity. A mentor can provide wisdom and knowledge from their social media, podcast, ebook, etc…and provide you value. Following a person’s path and being attentive when the person is active on social platforms is mentoring. You’re learning!

In such an over saturated industry, how do you maintain your own personal style and stay true to your brand?

I am myself and will never change. I admire other stylists and at times get unmotivated. I don’t let it deter my path and my lane. I believe that people gravitate to me because of my originality, but also because I’m honest. My personal style is chic and posh. I’ve been stepping outside my comfort zone creating photoshoot concepts I’ve never done, but always admired from other stylists.

What we can expect from you as far as any upcoming projects?

I anticipate pressing forward by partnering with creatives, participating in more photoshoots, and gaining new clients. I do have two upcoming weddings that I will be styling. One of which is Raven Paris’ wedding (photos attached). You’ll see another side of my styling. I had never done it before but found I’m really good at it.

Mr. Brian Lamont

Brian Lamont, LLC

Wardrobe Stylist + Personal Shopper

Wardrobe Stylist: Brian Lamont

Makeup Artist: Jasmine Jackson

Models: Raven Paris and Tony Parker

Hair stylist: Shy Watters

Venue: Platinum Wedding & Decor

Gown: Vivian Agbakoba

Photographer: Elijah Pittman

Model: Cherry and Tori Outfits: Gold dress by Brandon Warren / black&white suit Amazon Fashion

Wardrobe stylist: Brian Lamont

Photographer: Brigette Squire