The Instagram figure is most recognisable for his wheelchair, hence the name Rolling Ray, and splits audiences with his outspokenness between those that love him and those that really don’t.

On Tuesday, January 13th,Rolling Ray (Raymond Harper) took to an Instagram live to alert his followers that he was in hospital after his wig caught on fire. This resulted in him suffering from major burns. The viral star took to Instagram Live to talk about it and reassure fans that although injured, he is okay. By the look of the video shared on Twitter by a user, the burns seem pretty severe.

On January 16th, Harper gave another update on his condition and mentioned on his live that he loves his fans and asked them to keep him in his prayers. He also mentioned that if it wasn’t for immediate help, he would have been dead due to these injuries. It still remains unclear how his wig caught fire in the first place, but fans were quick to send in their support, some of who were exasperated at the jokes being made.

Some Twitter users, however, were quick to point out that this could have possibly been divine retribution, seeing that Ray was talking about Yung Miami’s late baby daddy, Jai Wiggins when the incident took place.  “I ain’t gone say rolling ray deserved it but…. i ain’t gone say it.” tweeted one user, with photos of tweets by the artist, slandering Yung Miami. “People feel bad for rolling ray but he was talking about yung miami babydaddy that passed, f**k that!” said another, pointing out that it was karma.

“Rolling Ray got what he deserved… he’ll think twice before talking bad about people.” said another, reminding people to be careful about what they say about others.

Sending Raymond prayers for a speedy recovery @iamrollingray