Thank you for interviewing with Jenleeíon Magazine! Can you provide our readers with your name, titles, your business and role.

Paula Jones ( owner, hair stylist, wardrobe / fashion stylist) Hair and clothing boutique (selling women clothing and accessories, can style you from head to toe.

What is PauJo’s Beauty Boutique?

PauJo’s Beauty is an upscale clothing boutique.

What’s it’s purpose?

My purpose is to enhance a woman’s beauty.

What is your target audience and ages?

My target audience is women in their mid 30’s and up.

What do you want to increase in, or eliminate from your customer’s lives?

My goal is to increase my customer’s confidence.

What makes your boutique different from others?

The authenticity of me, my honesty, and personality makes my boutique different from others.

What made you want to develop and market your own?

I was born with the gift/talent to be in the beauty industry ( doing hair since I was 13 and then professionally licensed has a stylist at the age of 19). I always loved fashion as well (modeling) as a teenager. I decided in 2012 to tap into the clothing industry, to expand how I can add to a woman’s beauty.

What’s your personal mantra?

Everyday is another day to be greater!

What’s the driving force behind PauJo’s Beauty Boutique?

The driving for behind my brand is being able to make others happy inside and out.

What’s important to you in business?

Giving great customer service, making sure my clients/customers leave happy and feeling good about themselves.

What do you want to be remembered for?

I want to be remembered for the quality of service and the personal connection that I offer my client/customer.

How can our readers connect with you?


Instagram: @paujosbboutique